Quality Assurance

Elk ranchers take great care to ensure their elk meat is of the highest quality; they follow the standards set by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA), and submit to regular CFIA inspection. They are also bound by federal and provincial regulations (Health Canada, Alberta Government).

Strict legislation gives consumers confidence that all elk meat is federally or provincially inspected before it is offered for sale. These inspections ensure that all elk meat comes from healthy, well cared for animals.

Elk ranchers are proud of their industry and their products; they meet the highest standards set for any livestock industry.

See the “Fast Facts” section of this website for more information on the industry’s safety practices and humane treatment and standards.

Your Health

You don’t have to be a professional chef or nutritionist to realize that Alberta Ranched Elk offers a tasty, nutritional alternative to other meats. See for yourself why this lean meat should be part of your healthy diet:

  • high in protein, iron and B vitamins
  • leaner than beef
  • leaner than pork tenderloin or chicken breast (with skin)
  • raised on natural feed – no antibiotics, growth stimulants, hormones or steroids

By direct comparison, Alberta Ranched Elk provides greater nutritional benefits than many other meats:

Nutritional Comparison of Farm-Raised Elk to Other Meats:

per 100g of meat
Elk Loin
167 3.84 75 31.00 3.96
Buffalo Loin
171 5.65 86 28.05 3.47
Lamb Loin Chops
188 7.80 85 27.63 2.48
Chicken Breast w/skin
197 7.78 84 29.80 1.07
Pork Tenderloin
201 8.11 94 29.86 1.39
Beef Steak Loin
237 15.21 81 28.02 2.03

Source: United States Department of Agriculture, “Nutritive Value of Food”.




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