If you want more information about ranched elk meat, or anything else pertaining to the industry, try
these links.

Rancher Net: information and contacts for elk and other livestock
Venison Forum: recipes, cooking tips, breeders, etc.
Ropin’ the Web: Alberta Agriculture site with detailed info on industry standards and more.

Ranchers/Breeders Associations:
Wapiti net
Alberta Wapiti Products Co-op                                    
Ontario Deer and Elk Farmers                
Ontario Elk Breeders Association
Saskatchewan Elk Breeders Assoc.                    
British Deer Farmers Association                                  
Deer Industry Assoc. of Australia 
Federation or European Deer Farmers                           
New Zealand Game Industry Board                              
Deer Industry New Zealand                                   
North American Elk Breeders Association                          
North American Deer Farmers Association                     
Maine Deer and Elk Farmers Association                      
Minnesota Elk Breeders Association                            
Pennsylvania Elk Breeders Association                             
SD Elk Breeders Association                                           
Texas Deer Association                        
Utah Elk Breeders Association                              
Wisconsin Deer and Elk Farmers Association      

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